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About Ed…………


Ed in L.A.

This blog is dedicated to Ed Strickland from all of his forever friends, family members and acquaintances.  We would like to show Ed all of our love and appreciation that he has given to each and every one of us so freely.  When we need Ed, he is always there to help no matter what the situation.  Now it is our turn to show Ed the support, love, prayers, respect, and well wishes he so deserves.   Please leave your words of encouragement for Ed daily if possible, as we would like to print a book for Ed with all the great comments from everyone he loves so dearly.

Thanks for all your support, love, and prayers as he is going through this very difficult time.

Dear Ed

It’s only been seven hours

Since you left us all alone

But, we realize your real happy

For you are now at HOME

Even tho we sure do miss you

We will all be just fine

Even tho it won’t be the same

Maybe you can send us a sign

We have such great memories

That we will never forget

You’ve touched so many people

Many rewards I know you’ll get

I’m sure you’ll see the Nascars

And all the Cowboys too

So enjoy your life in Heaven

I’m sure you’ll have lots to do

Please don’t worry about Phyllis

As we’ll make sure she’s o.k.

Because we know God will watch her

And always show her the way!

We love you!

Regenia Barber (author)



Thanks,  Regenia Barber (Administrator)

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  1. TRIBUTE TO ED……..submitted by Jim Spohn

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